Victor, Idaho

Victor, Idaho is becoming a trendy hot spot for Jackson Hole travelers, commuters, and locals. Population 2,145 (2017 Census) Victor offers a quiet, easygoing vibe. Victor is home to Teton Springs Resort, which includes a golf course, lodge, dining and a myriad of sporting options. Victor’s vibrancy is fueled by the community events hosted in Downtown. Music on Main offers free music weekly during the summer, the Victor winter celebration kicks off the Holiday season, and of course, the 4th of July celebrations are among many of the community happenings in Victor.

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Victor, Idaho Real Estate

Even though Driggs is the county seat, Victor's greater population and growth rate is mostly due to its proximity to Jackson, Wyoming. Victor has become not only a bedroom community, but a community in and of itself with a variety of new restaurants and shops to support the new population.


Old Jackson Highway

The old Jackson Highway runs parallel to the new highway, and now is a mixed-use recreational type road which accesses a variety of highly desired subdivisions and real estate. Along the Old Jackson Highway, communities like Edgewood Estates tower over Teton Springs with some of the only South-facing slopes in Teton Valley. As you continue towards the Jackson pass, other popular areas include the Dustin subdivision and Game Creek Meadows (named after nearby Game Creek), as well as the Moose Creek recreational area, home to Moose Creek Ranch, a bed-and-breakfast type operation tucked into the foothills near Jackson pass. As you travel back along the main Highway, you'll pass other noteworthy subdivision such as Colter Park and T-C (T bar C).


Downtown Victor

Downtown Victor is an interesting mix of old and new, pleasantly intertwined with one another. Older, in town lots are desired because of their lack of subdivision restrictions, though they are extremely rare. Newer communities have popped up near the core downtown areas, like Brookside Hollow, Golf Vista Estates, and Mountainside Village. Notable townhouse communities include Trail Creek Springs desired for it's location along Trail Creek, and Trail Creek West, a newer community with fresh, contemporary styled townhomes.


North of Victor

North of Victor, all the way to the intersection of where the address changes to Driggs, houses a number of quality, highly desired developments. These communities include Aspen Lake and River Meadows, as well as the highly desired communities along Fox Creek such as Fox Springs, Fox Meadows and Cottonwood Shadows. East of the highway is Teton Reserve, with approximately 500 acres of public golf course nearing the foothills of the Teton Range. Immediately North of Victor, and still within the city limits you will find Teton Town Center, a mixed-use development with some of Victor's big box stores, as well as condo and residential developments such as Sage Hen. North of Sage Hen is the well-known subdivision called The Ponds, with available condos, multi-family and residential properties.


South of Victor

Because Victor is so close to the base of the Southern mountains of Teton Valley, there isn't too much real estate beyond the city limits. However, one well-known development is Teton Springs, a golf community which sprawls all the way to the National Forest boundary. There are a few communities surrounding Teton Springs as well, these include Timberline, Warm Creek Estates, Southern Skies, and Pole Canyon Ranches, to name a few.


East of Victor

East of Victor is mostly comprised of a few Farm Parcels before reaching the Mud Lake Road access and recreation area. A few communities include Mountain Shadows and Sweet Canyon Acres.


West of Victor

As you travel along Highway 31, leaving Victor and heading towards Idaho Falls, you will see Victor's Foothills in the foreground, a beautiful backdrop and sight to behold, especially during the Fall colors. This area is home to only a few residential areas and subdivisions, Hiddenwaters and Aspen Grove are some of the most popular.