Alta, Wyoming

Alta, Wyoming isn’t just a small coveted town in Wyoming accessed from Driggs, it’s a lifestyle. Nordic trails meander throughout this beautiful area snugly tucked at the base of the Grand Tetons.

Alta, Wyoming is the gateway to Grand Targhee Resort, and a gem for the Teton Valley Community. Accessed only through Idaho and the Ski Hill Road through Driggs, this community is quaint and bordered by National Forest. You won’t find much real estate here, there just isn’t much available. Commercial services are limited to a small school, church, library, the famous Teton Teepee lodge, and the Targhee Village Gold Course.

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Alta, Wyoming Real Estate

Alta, WY is one of the most coveted real estate markets in Teton Valley. Though it is actually in Wyoming, East of the state line, it is only accessed through Driggs, ID. Alta is comprised of only about 12.5 square miles (not including Grand Targhee) and is surrounded by National Forest to the North, East, and South, and bordered by Idaho on its East side.


Ski Hill Road

Ski Hill Road continues from Idaho, across the state line and through the center of Alta on its way to Grand Targhee Resort. Along this short 2 mile stretch, you will find a small school, church, library, and park. You'll also find the famous old Teepee Lodge. Because Alta, WY is so close to the Teton mountain range, Teton views are rare in the Alta area. However, they can be found directly up the canyon, along this route. These properties with Teton views offer some of the most spectacular, up-close views of the Teton range throughout Teton Valley. Popular communities include Targhee Towne, a horseshoe-shaped subdivision surrounding Altamont, comprised of larger lots with dramatic Teton views. A few others with Teton Views include Les Trappeurs', Alta Meadows, and Table Rock Ranch.


North Alta

North Alta has some interesting terrain. Immediately North of Ski Hill Road are a few roads that can access areas in the central portion of Alta. State line Road and Alta North Road both travel parallel with one another and access a few communities such as Yellow Rose Ranch, Lochen Fen, Bustle Creek, and F.G.M.M. Acres. The far North areas of Alta, however, must be accessed back through Driggs, ID traveling North along Highway 33, then East back into Alta, WY to access a few parcels surrounded by BLM and Forest Service land. The most notable subdivision here is Forest Edge, a heavily wooded subdivision just inside the Wyoming border, which is remote, and private.


South Alta

The area South of Ski Hill Road is limited only to a few communities surrounded by large farm parcels. On the border of Idaho, just inside the Wyoming line, Spring Creek Farms is comprised of large 2.5 to 10+ acre parcels. Just east of here, along Perimeter Drive is the well-known, yet quaint Targhee Village 9-hole Golf course. Don't be fooled, this is no typical Golf Community. Surrounded by 25 Lots, Targhee Village offers incredible views across the valley, with 9 Parcels bordering BLM to the South and East.