Teton County School District 401 Real Estate

Thank you for your interest in the Teton County Idaho School District Owned Properties.



The District owned properties include:

  • 43 E Center St. Victor, ID 83455 (Victor Elementary School)


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Property Details:

PENDING SALE - 43 E Center St. Victor, ID 83455

Elementary School

Frontage: E Center St: Appx 330’

Appx Acreage / SqFt: 2.5 Acres | 108,900 SqFt

Appx Structure Year Built: 1941

Appx Structure SqFt: Appx 22,227

Current Zoning: CIV Civic & Institutional

Legal Description: LOTS 6-7 BLK 7 VICTOR TOWNSITE SEC 11 T3N R45E


Disclaimer: The Teton County School District reserves the right to accept or reject any offers. All elements of each offer will be considered. If your Sealed Bid is selected, the terms will be converted to a binding Idaho Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement. In the event the Buyer and Seller cannot agree on the final terms of this Agreement, the District reserves the right to select another offer that meets the minimum requirements and convert the terms to a binding Idaho Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Questions & Answers:


  • What are the utilities?
  • Victor Zoning, what is the expectation?
    • Currently the property is zoned Civic, and the City recognizes that the current zoning is limited. The City also recognizes that most buyers will want to rezone the property. The City did disclose that negotiations or development agreements may need to be negotiated before the City will allow for a zone change. The City does have a preliminary view of zoning that would NOT be considered which would include any form of industrial zoning or large lot, single family detached including RS16 (Residential Single Family) and RC (Residential Cluster). The City's vision does include a high density type zoning with a potential for multi-story or multi-use, and would love to see retail with second story residential.

      Current City of Victor Municipal Code: https://www.victorcityidaho.com/city_hall/municipal_code/planning_and_zoning.php

    • Chapter 7, Civic Zoning
    • Chapter 10, Zoning Use & Conditional Use Provisions
    • Chapter 14, Administration Steps for Rezoning Requirements

    • On a final note, if a buyer intends to evaluate the CURRENT building, a permit could be issued. Issuance would be subject to encapsulating or abating asbestos. Beyond asbestos, the building is permitted through the School Board which is not heavily monitored by the City. Current permit records are not available, and a new permit and requirements and processes would be required. Fees are based on an evaluation of the work being performed. The City intends to preserve the mature trees on the property.
    • The City of Victor is working through a new comprehensive plan. Follow along here: https://reenvisionvictor.com/

      Current City of Victor Land Development Code: https://www.driggsidaho.org/land-development-code

      • Chapter 5, Mixed use districts including CC & CX
      • Chapter 7, REC Parks & Recreation Zoning
      • Chapter 10, Zoning Use Tables (including REC, CC & CX)
      • Chapter 14, Administration Steps for Rezoning Requirements


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