Sam Lea

Sales Associate

Office Phone: 208-354-2439
Cell Phone: 208-351-7211
Office Fax: 208-354-8588
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253 S Main St.
Driggs, ID 83422

Sam Lea has 18 years of real estate experience in Teton Valley and all of that working as a sales agent with Teton Valley Realty. Sam recently returned to Teton Valley Realty after a taking a four year break to follow his passion for airplanes/gliders and pursue a career in aviation. With the current real estate market in Teton Valley making a vigorous rebound, Sam felt it was time to get back to assisting past customers and clients as well as those new to the market. Aviation is still a big part of Sam's interests, but so is his involvement in the real estate market, helping buyers find just the right investment and sellers find just the right buyer and price for their investment. If Sam is not in the office or out showing real estate on the ground, he's usually up at about 12,000' showing tourists and adventure seekers the real estate that belongs to all of us.