Teton Valley's real estate market has remained surprisingly resilient to volatility, rising interest rates, and other National news. With 140 residential listings from condos to single family and luxury homes throughout Teton County and Alta, that still puts the absorption at less than 3 months supply, which is even less supply than we saw earlier in the year with the last Market report. Despite the data, the Market is obviously much different than what we experienced through 2021. Prices have certainly settled, and the number of qualified buyers for each new listing has changed significantly. Even though the absorption based on year-over-year data remains low, sellers need to remember that the high volume of sales through 2021 that is helping feed that data can provide an artificial sense of the marketplace. Brokers are starting to see enough new post-pandemic data to value listings appropriately, but some Sellers and brokers that aren't watching the market closely are still pushing unrealistic expectations. With the recent jobs report showing better than expected games, further interest rate hikes are likely imminent. Check out some of the recent blog articles over the past couple of weeks to get a better sense of data, advice, and even outside-the-box loan ideas.